Early One October Morning by Nick Kenrick

Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA; The Aperture

I am happiest in the half-light of early morning; before lovers find their clothes, and hangovers smoke cigarettes; before the aperture narrows … Keep Reading...

adult male Oropsylla Montana flea by Kat Masback

Lovelorn Poet in Western Massachusetts: For The Anti-Neruda Fan

Fleas interest me so much that I let them bite me for hours. They are perfect, ancient, Sanskrit, machines that admit of no appeal. They do not … Keep Reading...

Cotton Candy by bumblesea

Lovelorn Poet in Austin, TX: Echoing The Passion

(Reaches Over) Cotton Candy that dances around you. Honey-dipped sugar cane. The red color of roses and your lips. Chocolate-covered … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Wind and Rain Haiku For Hopefuls

They did not notice the cold wind or the hard rain. Just water and waves. Two figures pressed together at the water's edge, hands clasped tightly … Keep Reading...

Forgotten Door by lavagirl66

Lovelorn Poet in Raleigh-Durham, NC: The Key

  In my mind Did I there find The door And somewhere key In thought I knew  Just what was true Until, I found there Me... 'Twas … Keep Reading...

Dada by mindgallery

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Dada

Lists : Water Air Love Laundry Lists: There's grief and there's happiness everything in between is … Keep Reading...

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