Autumn in Ithaca by  Lloyd Doppler

Lovelorn Poet in Ithaca, NY: Forever Autumn Daze

Bow strikes the strings and the music starts Hand of fate, hands of time Reds, orange, yellows and a crisp blue beyond I try to tell you Again … Keep Reading...

miss crazy pants

Lovelorn Poet in Las Vegas, NV: Miss Crazy Pants

walls shake door slam oh shit stray thought commands the avalanche mental black ops asylum of one point five voices like silk threads of … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: My Love Haiku

My mind is silent. My heart is all I can feel. There is only love. There is only you.     Missed Connections are filled with … Keep Reading...

Shadows in the Rain by Peter Tandlund

Lovelorn Poet in Western MA: Poor Man’s Romance

Rolling tobacco for 6 bucks a pouch, 1 dollar pizza, bacon and cheese, mr boston, half smoked cigs, one glass cup, 20s sent over from family, pre paid … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Tomorrow’s Dreams

Hidden promises buried in the devouring darkness that now blankets the soft fragile seeds of tomorrow's dreams Memory wounds wrapped in soft … Keep Reading...

Queen of Crows II

Lovelorn Poet in Eugene, OR: Queen of Crows II

Time held My heart helpless Between love and serpentine thought Come undone Dreams were given Tasted in mind's light To lose the way Seems … Keep Reading...

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