Typewriter by Lívia Cristina L. C.

Lovelorn Poet in Flagstaff, AZ: Typewriters

she's the type that's the kind that writes she is quite grand nature's mother when using words she is free and doesn't mind that I don't know … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Valentine Haiku For Hopefuls

Be my Valentine was much easier to say when we were in school. Now that we are grown there is a lot more pressure to find, or not to feel missed … Keep Reading...

91 variations on a theme by Kevin Dooley

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Error

This post was created in error This post was created in error This post was created in error This post was created in error This post was created in … Keep Reading...

Crossing the Mississippi by Laura Zurowski

Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA: Depth Of Field

In the shallow focus of seemingly infinite darkness, it is difficult to see. But, be patient. Let yourself die a little. Live some. Die a little … Keep Reading...

Weeping by Brian Hefele

Lovelorn Poet in Toronto, ON: Fooling Around

Foolish I am Fooling around With my smirking imagination Crashing the sound waves Inside my brain I got them deep down blues Age is … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Las Vegas, NV: Fireflies

aspire to spiral time is of the non-essence gene sequence circular breathing star fire passes swamp gas ignites elegant in purpose but aren't we … Keep Reading...

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