Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Jazz Haiku For Hopefuls

Have 'synco'-patience with yourself, I said to my jazz pianist friend. Some days we lose the key, feel out of time, or like we are just missing … Keep Reading...

The Oracle by Eduardo Mueses

Lovelorn Poet in San Francisco, CA: To The Warm And Happy Muse of Muses

My heart has quieted I still search For love unrequi-t-ed I hunger for verse Frail and diet-ed Come to save the cursed? My heart is … Keep Reading...

The World

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: The World

The sun rises like a brushstroke of infinite possibilities gently whispering its bright morning earth light on all so we can see, how … Keep Reading...

Muse, Muse... Won't You Dance? by Ben Ledbetter

Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: I Remember I Love You… But Not Much Else

It really is a unique city New Orleans Where beautiful architecture comes to die We are thousands of people displaced some returned some never … Keep Reading...

The lion Hunt by Jan Tik

Lovelorn Poet in Las Vegas, NV: Metronomic Rejection

born innocent omniscient pure into a world-illusion that celebrates cowardice clouded vision can'ts and won'ts knowing little caring less base … Keep Reading...

missed connections haiku

Lovelorn Poet in Tucson, AZ: Blonde Hair Haiku

Strands of your blonde hair Glow in the sun on my bed Music to my eyes. Send one I need some color...   Missed Connections are filled … Keep Reading...

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