i m art

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: i M ART

- The Money We're all capable of making art that's the beauty of being human what kind of art will you make mindgallery twitter * … Keep Reading...

We have a situation here by Alejandro Mallea

Lovelorn Poets in Athens, GA: East West

The most satisfying material to clean is porcelain. One is able to feel the imperfections erase from the surface as the fingers dig into the dried … Keep Reading...

for all we know

Lovelorn Poet in NYC: For All We Know

For all we know This might only be a dream Truth is.. We come and we go Like ripples in the stream Tomorrow was made for some But tomorrow may … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Smile Haiku For Hopefuls

I smile. Then you do. If you just say, "good morning" I will smile all day. I walk down the street with my goofy wide smile. I look straight into … Keep Reading...

Goldfish by Erik Von Ploennies

Lovelorn Poet in Detroit, MI: Bottle Caps Or Fads

I would like myself some goldfish. I prefer new toys and methods of seeking fun. Toys that can do a lot of things. I've never been into clicking … Keep Reading...

Aloft, sideways and backwards by Complicated

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: One

One Is the loneliest number Unless You close your eyes And dream And hope You become 2 Times 2 Times 2 Keep going No need hoping For … Keep Reading...

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