Empty Classroom by The Trident

Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA: The Lesson After After All

Of all the lessons I missed at school by sitting in the back of the classroom and staring out of the window, I wish now that I had paid more … Keep Reading...

Untitled by Anthony Fine

Lovelorn Poet in London, ENG: Prawn Cracker

You ordered Chinese. You left me on the side. You said you didn't like me. I was torn open and I fell on the floor. I laid there for a few … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Philadelphia, PA: Sappho Haiku

I lent you a book, and inside, on the title, was an inscription, in Ancient Greek, of a poem written by Sappho. Missed Connections are filled … Keep Reading...

She Smiles in the Snow by Chris JL

Lovelorn Poet in Toronto, ON: Silence On The Streets

Silence on the streets Parkdale streets And once again I brought my own chopsticks "No maid I've seen Like the sweet Colleen" Pipers … Keep Reading...

Qunitessentials by Scott Maxworthy

Lovelorn Poet in NYC: Skimming Across The Pages Of A Travel Magazine

my sniper perch....on a certain rooftop guarding my V word with admirable courage Until Cupid came along...set up shop alongside me love lost lust … Keep Reading...

Vitamin C Tree by *brilho-de-conta

Lovelorn Poet in San Francisco, CA: Dreaming… (Into The Blue)

A vault. A key. The unexpected scent of orange blossoms. Bloom room. Two tumblers with 32 teeth; clockwork orange and morning fruit. Sweet tang. … Keep Reading...

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