Sketchbook by Catherine Mommsen Scott

Lovelorn Poet in Denver, CO: Moose Stuff

Big sky eyes, hay colored hair. Reminds me of home, When horses where there.     When where there  hay colored big sky … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: French Toast Haiku For Hopefuls

'Really good' French toast must be fluffy and crispy with maple syrup. We try on a lot of different hats, (and shirts) when we are out there, … Keep Reading...


Lovelorn Poet in Toronto, ON: Dare

Regaining myself Balance falters. Your eyes Steady reverberation. Periphery … Keep Reading...

Man with Drink by Chandler Collins

Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA: Regardless Of The Consequences

Around midnight, the man decided he would stop pretending to be someone he wasn't; from now on, he would just do and say as he pleased. Firstly, he … Keep Reading...

From The Fire-Side Picture Alphabet of Humour and Droll Moral Tales; or Words & their Meaning, Illustrated. (1858) Courtesy of Double M

Lovelorn Poet in NYC: In Case #6

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (I'll break the ice soon) The world, blank canvas Muted bare by apathy Brush nor … Keep Reading...

written in wood (alpha & omega) by Jos van Wunnik

Lovelorn Poet in Asheville, NC: Unconditional…

Alpha. The very air I breathe. An atmospheric firefly, lighting up the galaxy. Timeless beauty. Fluttering wings of the sweet honey bee. The … Keep Reading...

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