Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: The Iridescent Nights

Missed Connection in Brooklyn, NY
The Iridescent Nights

Missed Connections in Brooklyn. NY

The Iridescent Nights

The wind pushed my rocket past Pluto
late last night
and now I’m too fast, too high and too far
to ever say goodbye

as I unclasp my wristwatch and
disconnect all the clocks
looking out the window I see all the
beautiful shining glowing glistening sparkling specks of life

and shout the last words I will ever speak
I love you with all my might
to no one in particular
and to everyone

it is written and so it is done
are the last words I hear


Lovelorn Poets: Her Two Cents

Her Two Cents offers daily commentary on missed connections selected to appear on Lovelorn Poets.

Her Two Cents on The Iridescent Nights

This Brooklyn poet caught my attention with a poem that can be interpreted in many different ways – is it from the perspective of a person heading out of the earth’s atmosphere or looking down on humanity from great heights? Is it for a new beginning or an ending? We may never know…

Gentle Readers: If you like this poem as much as I do, what line or lines capture your interest or attention? Do you agree with my comment about the perspectives or do you have another way of looking at it?