Missed Connection in Brooklyn, NY: At the Manhattan Inn

Missed Connections in Brooklyn, NY
At the Manhattan Inn
I Was Envious of Your Picturesque Brooklyn Brunch

*i meant to call you but
things are crazy with nights ending alone except for the spinning walls
things are crazy glaring enviously at that couple in mccarren park
things are crazy clock-watching knowing nothing thrilling is at home
things are crazy staring longingly at strangers on the l train

i’ve just been
so busy keeping everyone at arms length when i actually have time
so busy eating by myself at anna maria’s alone pretending to enjoy solitude
so busy convincing acquaintances i have important things happening
so busy searching missed connections claiming it’s only for entertainment

and i’m kind of
over hanging with groups of happy people at coney island feeling alone
over searching for newness and excitement when there’s youtube/youporn
over feeling inadequate when there’s remarks to be made about hipsters
over being just another human with desire, fear, obsession and hope

i’m sure you can understand.*

Missed Connections in Brooklyn, NY

On the Platform, Reading by Mo Riza

Lovelorn Poets: Her Two Cents

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Her Two Cents on At the Manhattan Inn

Here’s another wonderful piece from Brooklyn writer Frankie Leone. This Williamsburg “lost boy” is known for a gritty, sexualized, tough-guy style but every once in awhile we get a glimpse of a softer side. The photo by Mo Riza captures the essence of the poem – someone alone but getting over being lonely.

Gentle Readers: So as we close out this Valentine’s Week (*phew* we’re done for the next 51 weeks….) are there any final thoughts on love, romance, being alone or being lonely? Was this a week for remembering or forgetting?