Lovelorn Poet in New Hampshire: Last Night’s Phone Call

Missed Connections in New Hampshire

Last Night's Phone Call

Missed Connections in New Hampshire
Last Night’s Phone Call

Last Night’s Phone Call
Black crow cries as the mourning flies
Fan stirs a current into the sky
Nabokov’s Blues keep me awake
Bless the chores, I do not have to undertake
Roll over on your side
the snore of the Moon will lie vacant,
the place beside your pillow.


Thank you to Bridget of Butterflybot for submitting this piece – as anyone who writes a blog knows, it’s wonderful to receive comments and have others participate in your creative endeavor!  I love this poem and in particular the reference to Nabokov’s Blues – a biography exploring the famous author’s life passion for South American blue butterflies. The pursuit of rare and delicate beauty often leads us to strange and beautiful places, wouldn’t you agree?


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