Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: What Do You Do When You Know You’re at the Crossroads?

What Do You Do When You Know You’re at the Crossroads?
Missed Connections in Brooklyn

Missed Connections in Brooklyn, NY

What Do You Do When You Know You're At The Crossroads?

and you have explored, researched and evaluated your heart and your mind and together, in sync it pops out where your heart really lies. And then you express this but the other person isn’t hearing this or feeling the same.

Do we get past this? Or do we end up telling ourselves we can and will love someone else. And we do, but its not the same.

And then we marry and settle and then come across our spouse writing a missed connection to an ex, where the love never died and the feeling in his/her soul for that other person is not what they can ever feel for you?

Or we ourselves, thought we loved again but our mind and heart is still going back to the crossroads. Is there ever really that “true love”?
Is there ever that person who can only look at you that way and not someone else, but only you.

Do we get close to it, but never really give it that fair shot thinking something else will come along, but then 5 years go by and nothing came. But we ended what was, back at the cross roads?

Do we really just end up settling if the one we really want doesn’t want us. How do you know when you’re not settling? How do you know when the other person isn’t and really, really, really loves you and can’t live without you?


Poet, there are things you’ll never know with absolute certainty. Love isn’t gravity and humans unpredictable, emotional beings. You only settle for less when you believe it and if that’s in your heart you need to get away as fast as that L train will carry you. Is it better to regret what you’ve done or what you didn’t try to do?