Missed Connections in Nashville, TN: Cute Guy at Turnip Truck

Missed Connections in Nashville

milk final by Dan4th Nicholas

Cute Guy at Turnip Truck
Missed Connections in Nashville

Dear Hot Guy at Turnip Truck –

We were perusing the bottled beverages at the same time when I picked up an almond rice shake to read the ingredients.
You were happy and smiley and said “It’s really good” and made eye contact with me for approximately 2.8 seconds.
I sheepishly replied, “Ok. I’ll try it.”

I just wanted you to know that it tasted like sand… but you’re still cute.

$5 Wasted But For A Good Cause.



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Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconReading supermarket missed connections is like watching a television show – you think to yourself, “Why don’t these sorts of things ever happen in MY grocery store?”  Isn’t it so funny and true how our purchasing habits can be influenced when a cute, smiling face is making our heart beat a little faster? $5 isn’t too big a price to pay for a little flirtation and some almond rice flavored sand, is it? 😉