Missed Connections in Atlanta, GA: Aching Heart

Lovelorn Poets and Ray Charles

Musical Missed Connections

Aching Heart
Missed Connections in Atlanta

Just can’t get you out of my head or heart.
Knowing that you are not me, it’s like a dagger in the heart.
Wishing I could be the one to hold you and share life with is all I think about.
I still hope someday it will be me even though I tell you I know it won’t and I’m okay with it, but I am not, I just say that because I think that’s what you want to hear.
Maybe I am dumb for thinking such, I don’t know, I just know what my feelings are.
You are the first thing I think about when I wake up, the last thing I think about before I go to sleep and ALL day long.
If you see this think about all I have said.
I love you always.

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Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconHer Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:
Can I just say that Ray Charles was the best when it came to songs about longing and heartbreak? From the sound of our poet’s message, it’s probably safe to say they’ve been listening to their fair share of sad songs too. While it’s never a good idea to spend too much time there, on occasions wallowing in the swamp of teary-eyes can be strangely refreshing. Wonder why that is…