Missed Connections in Oklahoma City, OK: Whirling, Chaos Of My Dreams

Missed Connections in Oklahoma City, OK

the one that got away by Casey Muir-Taylor


Whirling, Chaos Of My Dreams
Missed Connections in Oklahoma City

Here I sit, waiting for your return.
Gary England assured me that you would be here, but alas, you merely circled my perimeter and left love debris on my lawn.
I feel like our relationship has grown weary,
what with your last visit being in May of 2009…
you must have grown tired of me and the rest of Sooner Nation.
Was it something I said?
Something I did?
If you could just give me a sign…
a vortex… something.
Just to let me know you are there.
I would welcome the unavoidable roof repair just to hear your whistling song once more.

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Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconHer Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:
Reddit has eclipsed Pinterest as my latest diversion as it’s a good place to find “unusual” missed connections. Like this one from Oklahoma City about a tornado (fyi – Gary England is the local weatherman). I love the closing line about hearing the whistling song but something tells me it might be more romantic in print than in real life. Aren’t there other ways to get back to Oz, Dorothy?