Missed Connections in Savannah, GA: You Copied My Wine Order

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You Copied My Wine Order
Missed Connections from Savannah

So I thought that I might have seen you. I’m pretty sure you saw me too, as you were the only other person at the table…and you were looking right at me.

…and talking to me. And like, saying my name occasionally so as to verify that we didn’t accidentally sit at the wrong table.

…and thankfully you were cool with sharing the super awesome bang bang shrimp appetizer. That place is awesome. I’d live there if I could. For those who don’t know where I’m talking about, it rhymes with Bonefish Grill…really quite well.

I was tempted to prove my manliness (and strip you from any personal choice) and order for the entire table, but decided against it. At some point in the past that passed for being a gentleman or something, as if talking to a server was simply too much pressure for women. Maybe they were afraid that while ordering, the waiter might actually sneak a peak at an accidentally exposed ankle or something.

It’s probably better that you got what you did. I might have ordered a 12 oz fire-roasted, grass fed, hand slain steak or something…still on fire. Maybe throw in a baked potato and a side of adventure…and then ask for seconds.

We ordered wine and after trying mine you decided that I had won at the game of wine-choosing and ordered a glass for yourself. Later on you bought a nice bottle to share, and even though we didn’t give it the right time to breathe, I’ll still award you one point as my graciousness knows no bounds. So for now the score reads: me 1, you 1… Just let me find that bottle of Tobin James and you can just kiss the wine snob 2012 trophy goodbye.

Also, you’re super beautiful. No fair.

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Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconHer Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve featured a “Blue” message from Savannah and I now have quite the collection. I have to wonder if these are pure fiction, Moveable Feast style truths, or something in between. This old Appalachian blues song from Stick McGhee couldn’t be the better choice – a real charmer. Mr. Savannah Blue just might agree…