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Happy Friday everyone! During my absence from writing about found missed connections, I received several emails from Brooklyn poet Lee Taylor. I think of Lee as a Banksy-esque writer as he rarely publishes outside of the public forum, never signs his work, and writes in a distinctive style. I’m fortunate to have “captured” so much of his ever disappearing body of work in the last two years as they are some of my favorites. Lee is now venturing into the world of experimental video and his short clips are reminiscent of his poems – physically grounded but emotionally expansive. In fact, I thought this particular video was an ideal visual accompaniment to The Playlist, a piece which was published here last year. Seeing these little green-shoots of creativity is certainly helping in the inspiration and motivation categories.

Missed Connections in Brooklyn, NY
The Playlist

I left my home and extinct profession
to walk the empty streets during
those orange


we were alone together and covered
in nicotine patch quilts


frozen marmalade pop songs
and adding color to the high
contrast grey


playing jazz and new world sounds
on countertops and garbage
cans we dance like


and somehow managed
to touch each others