Lovelorn Poet in Minneapolis, MN: I Think (Therefore)

Missed Connections in Minneapolis, MN: I Think (Therefore)

Indifferent Lands by Nathan Marciniak

I Think (Therefore)
Missed Connections from Minneapolis

I Think
I am,
this is awkward.
My time I spent in all of this,
it is futile to continue.
Seek not the heat that has no love to give,
I should heed my own words.







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Working from home in an environment without air conditioning has created an obsession with Warmer than average temperatures have my third floor office growing hotter and hotter as the hours progress. Monitoring the projected forecast provides consolation? hope? despair? as I anticipate the time I’ll need to move to cooler quarters and switch to different tasks. Chilly breezes, grey skies, and rain are a distant memory and I wonder when they’ll return; working in this transitory manner creates a slightly uncomfortable sensation of incompleteness. Despite this immediate challenge, when I think of all the places I could be living, all the places I’ve considered living, and all the places I have lived, I realize that this time I’ve picked well.  Surrounded by love and community, I have managed to follow the advice of our lovelorn poet – and that has made all the difference.