Lovelorn Poet in Raleigh, NC: Technology Is Making Us All Socially Retarded

Running Man from Kevin Mitnick's Ghost in the Wires

Running Man by Charis Tsevis

Technology Is Making Us
Socially Retarded
Missed Connections from Raleigh-Durham

“The answer is out there
and it’s looking for you,
and it will find you if you want it too.”






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Is technology making us socially retarded? If anything, I feel it’s made me exponentially more socially aware but at the cost of increased social exhaustion. I’m not much of a hardware-gadget-head (ummm, cuz that costs $$) but I do love exploring new online platforms and tools. There are so many different places to share or obtain content, and every month brings yet another new opportunity to investigate. The problem, which I’ve recently bumped up against, is that each new avenue requires a time commitment. It’s a bit like any human relationship, really. If you want it to be meaningful, mutually rewarding, and fun you need to be invested, have the discussions, be “there” in terms of your online light shining bright, and so on. Last year I was very involved with many different social platforms – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+… – but now, I can barely generate any desire to peek into my email let alone engage in social media.  I’m not sure why this is, and my lack of enthusiasm for something that was previously so compelling causes a bit of concern as I feel like I’m abandoning wagon wheels on the side of the road.  Should I go looking for answers in the Matrix of my mind or is it simply an issue of fish or cut bait?