Lovelorn Poet in Tucson, AZ: I Write. Love Notes.

I Write. Love Notes.

I Write. Love Notes.

I write. I write everyday. I write everyday for you. I write everyday for me. I write everyday to tell the tales our children will smile over, our parents will swoon at, and our teachers will laugh as if they always knew. I write everyday to clear my mind, sending you love notes through the moon. When you look up at her, smooth crescent curve setting in the western sky, think of me. She will whisper my love notes to you. Embracing you, she leaves you feeling held, witnessed, and knowing for certain you are never alone. I write everyday. I write everyday for you. I write everyday for me.

Her Two Cents



alone certain embracing feeling held if knew laugh mind never of parents sending tales up western
always children for her in knowing leaves moon over setting teachers when
are clear look sky tell whisper
as crescent smile they witnessed
curve smooth think
swoon through

Lovelorn Poet in London, ENG: Street Lamps

Lamps by Anton Bogomolov

Lamps by Anton Bogomolov

the street lights still blink
these eccentricities
when I come around
I’d rather see your eyes light up
when we get to share this odd
electric phenomenon
in a parking lot
on the fourth of July.


Her Two Cents






on the fourth of July.

the street lights still blink
in a parking lot

but…I’d rather see your eyes light up
when we get to share this

these eccentricities
electric phenomenon
when I come around

Lovelorn Poet in Pittsburgh, PA: I Have A Huge…

I have a huge... bag of kale!

I have a huge… bag of kale!

I have a huge… bag of kale!
Let me put it in you!?!?
Raw preferably, if you’re into that 😉

I don’t got no rice, bags of kale are the only thing that I like.

All you pretty dark haired, evil eyed women from larryville, bloomfield, polish hill, highland park…
I wanna share this healthy experience with all yinz.
Plenty of it to go around.

P.S. I have beer, weed and some crappy music that you probably are into as well.

Her Two Cents



baklava huge hog fee i a!
utility menu poet!?!?
weatherproof tributary nay elf i 😉

doctoring note i, breathtakingly flesh ego no a tiki lathe

parrotlike duty hear lady, informally volleyed we river me, foible mold, hill oh lips, drank high pal…
wariness hath in a capitalizer lynx wheel ye thin he.
underplaying foot toot.

overemphasis bean weeded articulatory pays by chump bop owners ail tale.





Lovelorn Poet in Asheville, NC: Unconditional…

 written in wood (alpha & omega) by Jos van Wunnik

Written in Wood (alpha & omega) by Jos van Wunnik


The very air I breathe.
An atmospheric firefly,
lighting up the galaxy.

Timeless beauty.
Fluttering wings of the sweet honey bee.
The gentle sway of the birch tree.

Front porch conversations.
Sweet tea. Reminiscing.
A perfect Summer’s evening.

First kiss.
Sweet nothings.

The caterpillar. Transformation.
A butterfly, born again.

Children’s laughter.

Majestic patterns in history.
Ancient, sacred codes.
Vows. Beliefs.

Light the way.

I AM.. Free.


Her Two Cents




Lovelorn Poet in Flagstaff, AZ: In Sea

Desert Road 3 by LabyrinthX

Desert Road 3 by LabyrinthX

Sometimes poetry is a hanging curve
It’s easy to plagiarize from my memory
It’s in the sea is where I find my cure
I look to the distance
where everything is behind me
They don’t see my happiness, laughter, joy
The seagulls see, but who are they going to tell
Her laugh reminds me of Jamie
we worked together at that
now defunct trucking company
which was run by God himself
That God of yours is a really smart man
is what I would hear
But Jamie was beautiful and kind
and I don’t remember how I knew
but I knew she loved rainbows
and the one day I came in from running
and told her there was a double rainbow outside
and Jamie ran outside like the building was on fire
Jim would often flirt with Jamie
but he gave me a look
how did you do that
and the last time I saw Jamie
was on route 38
I honked and honked but she ignored
because that’s what beautiful women have to do
I turned away and as the light turned green
she honked, waved, and gave me an uncovered smile
that I’ll never forget

Her Two Cents



 my cure
my happiness, laughter, joy
my memory

I knew
I would
I came
I turned
I find
I don’t
I honked
I look
I saw
I knew

reminds me
gave me
gave me
behind me

Her laugh
told her

of Jamie
Jamie was
with Jamie
Jamie ran

she ignored
she honked, waved,
she loved

never forget
Sometimes poetry is a hanging curve