Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Charles Olsen & The Orange Jellyfish Alliance


Charles Olsen & The Orange Jellyfish Alliance by mindgallery

Certainly we’re the only species that writes
in many languages, our own roads
to enlightenment

and sometimes it’s right
there in front
of us

simply waiting while
we were busy

how to listen, so
we could


* Note To Self

Charles Olson didn’t consider himself a poet or writer by profession but rather that nebulous
rare archeologist of morning, reminiscent of Thoreau.
He wrote on a typewriter

It’s to the advantage of the typewriter that due to its rigidity and space precisions
it can for a poet indicate breath, pause, suspensions, syllables
juxtapositions and even parts of phrases

For the first time the poet has the stave and bar a musician has. For the first
time, he can without convention of rhyme or meter record the
listening he has done to his own speech

and by that one act indicate how he’d want any reader
silently or otherwise to voice
his work

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A Nation of Nothing but Poetry
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Lovelorn Poet in Milwaukee, WI: Stunned And Still Not Suffering

Victorian Era CP Portrait 30 by  Cecilia Teodomira Márquez

Victorian Era CP Portrait 30 by
Cecilia Teodomira Márquez

Swollen with care and anxiety
and still not suffering

useless, old and full of grief
and still not suffering

Taxes, children, lost pussy, war, constipation

The living poet in his harness of beauty

Offers the day back to G-d


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lost in the harness of living
still suffering taxes, useless war and anxiety,
still swollen with children, constipation, and grief

care not and
not to day

his pussy full of G-d and old

the poet offers back
beauty suffering

Lovelorn Poet in Flagstaff, AZ: Typewriters

Typewriter by Lívia Cristina L. C.

Typewriter by Lívia Cristina

she’s the type
that’s the kind that writes
she is quite grand
nature’s mother
when using words she is free
and doesn’t mind that I don’t know Quent

and tonight not much is what I can write
tonight her words are the words that are feeding me
and the taste is sweet
just like Pepsi


her two cents 225px




using words
the taste is sweet
nature’s Pepsi
the mother
feeding me

the words
are quite grand and
I don’t know
what I can type

not much

the words are free
and tonight
when she’s kind and doesn’t mind
she is that
just like her

she writes
is that Quent
that’s write
that is


Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA: Depth Of Field

Crossing the Mississippi by Laura Zurowski

Crossing the Mississippi by Laura Z.

In the shallow focus
of seemingly infinite darkness,
it is difficult to see. But, be patient.
Let yourself die a little. Live some.
Die a little bit more. Learn how to
breathe. Know what its like to grieve
for someone. Cultivate empathy.
See yourself through other people’s
eyes. And, one day, in a crowded
room or a deserted street, I will
see you, and you will find me.

_Bison Jack


her two cents 225px




I see darkness
a deserted room or
a crowded street
it is difficult to focus.

Let yourself die and
die a little bit more

You see me in other people’s
and some-one day,
you will find a little
for someone.

Cultivate through will, but be patient.
See the shallow of seemingly infinite
in yourself.
Know what it’s like to breathe

Learn how to Live


Lovelorn Poet in Las Vegas, NV: Fireflies



aspire to spiral
time is of the non-essence
gene sequence circular breathing
star fire passes
swamp gas ignites
elegant in purpose
but aren’t we all

Her Two Cents



perfect we aren’t
all but elegant in purpose
gas ignites
swamp fire
star passes circular breathing sequence
the gene of non-essence
time is to spiral