Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: The World

The World

The World

The sun rises like a brushstroke
of infinite possibilities

whispering its bright morning
earth light on

so we can see, how beautiful
it can

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we can
be beautiful

like the sun whispering its possibilities
so bright

earth light
gently rises
a brushstroke of morning
on all

see, how it can
we can
be beautiful

Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: I Remember I Love You… But Not Much Else

Muse, Muse... Won't You Dance? by Ben Ledbetter

Muse, Muse… Won’t You Dance? by Ben Ledbetter

It really is a unique city
New Orleans

Where beautiful architecture comes to die
We are thousands of people displaced some returned some never came back
Of course some. . .

I fear like these buildings I am losing my history
My memory is shanty and crumbly these days

I remember major events in my life you of course were the biggest
But even that there is a faded memory

I remember I loved you like really loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else
But I wouldn’t know your face from anyone else in a small crowd

I guess that’s for the better for everyone involved
I just hope someday I develop new memories here that stick a little longer.

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I am a unique city losing my history
I fear my memory is a faded memory
I remember these days, these buildings,
I remember beautiful architecture, shanty and crumbly
I loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else
I develop, but even there you die displaced
I wouldn’t know your face, thousands of people in a crowd
I guess that’s for the better
I just hope it really is returned
to New Orleans

Lovelorn Poet in Savannah, GA: The Collect Call

specchio specchio delle mie brame by MicroCosmi

specchio specchio delle mie brame by MicroCosmi

Rachael thought about the first time she saw him.
His good looks couldn’t hide the bad he had done.
She wanted to save him, and for a while she did, until
it was her that needed saving–and that’s when he left.

It was almost five years before she saw him again;
and, by then, she had grown to believe that his leaving
is what saved her. She still can’t recall how she ended
up at a gallery opening downtown or if she knew he
would be there, but later that evening–without the
burden of small talk or regret–they spent the night
together; a night that almost twelve years later,
she still thought about.

Why now? she wondered. How did he find me?
Rachael’s husband knew little of her past. In his eyes,
her life began when they first met: Her friends were
mostly their friends, and in the scheme of things,
she didn’t know any of them very well.

Over the years, she occasionally heard his name
mentioned at dinner parties and when she got home
she would search for him online, and think about the
crooked scar between his shoulder blades and the
way he lowered his head when he smiled.

The phone was still in Rachael’s hand.

“Ma’am?” the operator asked for the second time.

Rachael could see the dust on the stairs.
Yesterday, she would have probably fetched the
vacuum cleaner and end up cleaning the whole
house–and likely gone to the market afterwards
to buy fresh flowers. But, not today. Instead, she
took the clips out of her hair and looked in the mirror.

Considering it was the first time she had seen
herself that morning, she was not unhappy with
what she saw.
‘I accept the charges,’ she said to the operator.
Rachael could hear the distance in the crackling
line, but not in his voice.

Her Two Cents



His good looks
he had
he left
his leaving

he would be
his eyes, his name, his shoulder blades, his head

he smiled
his voice

Lovelorn Poet in Raleigh-Durham, NC: The Key

Forgotten Door by lavagirl66

Forgotten Door by lavagirl66


In my mind
Did I there find
The door
And somewhere key

In thought
I knew 
Just what was true
Until, I found there

‘Twas emptiness
ill’Lo joke-all
And learnt,
Twas nowear’Me

Left there was I
And only Love 
To free

And there you were
My light, my Love
Turned inside-out
Of me

And there you were
A’door, my Love
And finally found
The Key.

~your poet~


Her Two Cents



In my mind, In thought

I knew,
Until, I found there,
Did I there find
And finally found
And learnt,

The door
A’door, my Love
And only Love

And somewhere key, The Key.

Left there was,
And there you were,
Just what was true
And there you were

Twas nowear’Me
Of me
My light, my Love


Lovelorn Poet in Raleigh-Durham, NC: To Miss A Kiss

The Kiss by Constanza

The Kiss by Constanza

Did we catch a memory
Of you and me
Of you and me
And now I see
That you SEE
You in me
You and me

Oh, what did I Miss
With a kiss
And a kiss
Do I Miss
Do you Miss
Miss our kiss
Miss our kiss

Souls together in A’maze
In a maze
In A’maze
And for days
And days
It’s a maze
It’s A’mazing ways

And our Love, like a dove in nigh’
We will sigh
We will sigh
Our sigh’n language
Of Love,
As morning comes
Morning comes
Two lone doves
We’re In Love
We’re In Love…

~your poet~

Her Two Cents




Did we catch a memory
now I that
Oh, what did with

Souls together for a’mazing ways
like a dove nigh’ sigh’n language

Two lone doves