Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: The Collected Writings Of Harold (aka Oscar) The Orange Jellyfish

mindgallery orange jellyfish

The Original Orange Jellyfish by mindgallery

Some days, it’s not necessary to be creative as everyone else has done it for me.

It all started with this mindgallery poem on the Brooklyn MC… an oldie but goodie…

I left my home and extinct profession
to walk the empty streets during
those orange


we were alone together and covered
in nicotine patch quilts


frozen marmalade pop songs
and adding color to the high
contrast grey


playing jazz and new world sounds
on countertops and garbage
cans we dance like


and somehow managed
to touch each others


which then led to this creatively poetic dictionary substitution style piece with a cute graphic…

pink jellyfish

The Oratorio Summonss

The Oratorio Summonss

I legislator my honeybee and extinct prognostication 
to walk the empty strike-beats during 
those orchid 


we were alone together and covered 
in nicotine patience quizmasters 


frozen marsupial porpoise sorrows and 
adding color to the high 
convector grindstone 


playing jest and new wrapping sovereigns 
on countertops and garbage 
cans we danced like 


and somehow managed 
to towel each others 


Pretty interesting, huh? Yeah for the Brooklyn poets. But wait, then there was more…

The Jellyfish speak out about poems with pictures of jellyfish (the deep waters)

blue jellyfish

The Jellyfish speak out

Dear The “Jellyfish” Poet,

We the jellyfish of the oceans are over it. We’re so done. 

We beseech you to stop posting the same five poems year after year, especially the one with the picture of our friend Harold the Jellyfish who was last seen off the coast of Australia, swimming in a downward direction, at an angle. 

Just stop,

the Jellyfish

Such diversity! Orange, pink, and sky blue jellyfish representing their viewpoints. Finally, a post appeared that provided a little “back-story” for our entertainment and enlightenment. Who knew there were so many orange jellyfish experts residing in Brooklyn and reading missed connections?

we orange jellyfish protest recycled poetry using orange jellyfish (the oceans)

many orange jellyfish

we orange jellyfish protest recycled poetry

We Orange Jellyfish demand a recall of the picture of our friend Harold the Orange Jellyfish who was last seen off the coast of Australia in 2011 swimming in a downwardly direction at a slight angle in greenish waters.

This picture is being used to spruce up recycled poetry and Harold would not have approved of this.

Harold knew poetry.

Harold was a huge fan of the poet Charles Olson, that big guy who went skinny-dipping off the beaches of Cape Ann, MA.

In summary we jellies state our disapproval of the use of Harold’s picture for recycled poetry.

Sincerely the Orange Jellyfish

…to which we then received a poetic update of sorts from mindgallery – two identical poems, one using the name Harold and the other Oscar. Had the orange jellyfish experts of the Brooklyn MC confused mindgallery’s Oscar with their Harold? Could Oscar be Harold’s nom de plume (or c/would it be the other way around?)

Oscar The Orange Jellyfish

mindgallery orange human

Oscar (or Harold) the Orange Jellyfish by mindgallery

Oscar was last seen resting next to a sack of saline solution
on a couch by the beach, 1/2 way between the ocean
and the shore

His multi tiered tentacles were being tended to by 
a bevy of mermaids dressed in 

45 mins latter they all flew higher into the orange 
pink blue because somehow, Oscar 
knew that the sky lives

* Once in space Oscar turned into a logo and was last seen on a pajama top

And after all of this, all I have to say is…
Her Two Cents



six, seven, eight, nine, ten….
causing chaos is a drug of no equal
Like reading the Internet.
seriously. stunning. soulful.
Long overdue & very welcome


Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Equality

Equality by mindgallery

Equality by mindgallery

It hurts to be human sometimes
so many spelling errors
even with spell

and i’m the ultimate

with a limited

but they say when you
set the clocks

you’ll get there

+ dreams do come true, really

Her Two Cents




do dreams really come true
they say you’ll get there
but sometimes it hurts to be limited
with a human income

ultimate consumer
even when you
spell with so many errors and
set back the clocks

i’m the early equality check

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Dada

Dada by mindgallery

Dada by mindgallery

Lists :






There’s grief and there’s happiness
everything in between
is filler


Her Two Cents




There’s love and there’s laundry
everything in between
is Water



There’s lists and there’s lists
everything in between
is Dada



There’s water and there’s air
everything in between
is Love


Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: Fables

Fables by mindgallery

Fables by mindgallery


In their last chance dreams nothing
was left, not even the seams

nothing left in the

to buy or sell
or stock

or save


Sometimes i’ll walk by the old place
which is no longer

but in a certain light
or shift in the

you can can still


mindgallery twitter – beatboxbliss tumblr

Her Two Cents



and were ones he otherwise respected with.
He tried not to care, to
he loved the ending and maybe matter.
“But it’s like no, should matter,” he says.
“I up in my head and sit in weep and applaud this great TV show on the…

Lovelorn Poet in Brooklyn, NY: My Self

Empty Glass by Nick Fletcher

Empty Glass by Nick Fletcher

We’ve all been empty sometimes and i’m not
looking for a quick fill

but sometimes it feels like i’ve been
around for life times
on end

and yet there’s always
this new beginning

i guess that’s the light that
keeps me

still able to right

Her Two Cents



Here, there’s always a new beginning

We’ve all been around for life times and yet sometimes
it feels quick
that’s that

i’ve been empty sometimes, but i guess the light keeps me looking 

for this
i’m able to right


and not fill
on end