Lovelorn Poet in Butte, MT: Birthday Kiss

Birthday Kiss
Missed Connections from Butte

hi this is mikey dan and ricky daniel,
you kissed one of us (lucky ricky daniel)
for his birthday
and he really can’t say enough about it.
frankly i (mikey dan) am sick of hearing about it lol.
my bday is coming up too…and i have wishes,
but that’s not what’s important.
i find myself wondering about your birthday.
you are a girl who just happens to have
a birthday wish, i just know it.
and i want to be the one to fulfill it.
(anyone who knows this girl, help us out, let her know, she’s the wild 36 ddd girl, her friend is the mellow hairdresser former lesbian, thank you)


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It’s not very often that I go looking into the missed connections folder for Butte, Montana but today I was greeted by this amusing little parody. Read it in the voice of Mick Jagger on “Far Away Eyes” and you’ll easily picture Mickey and Ricky as two UM-B grad students with hipster frames, artfully placed facial hair and nary a shotgun, pick-up truck, or fly-fishing tackle in sight.

Missed Connections in Butte, MT: I Found You in a Puddle

Missed Connections in Butte, MT

It's Been Rainin' by Vaidotas Mišeikis

I Found You in a Puddle
Missed Connections Butte

I found you in a puddle
It’s one of my favorite memories
If you know where
Please reply…..


Butte, Montana is our missed connections spotlight today. It’s a somewhat quiet feed that occasionally experiences random bursts of activity. For this message I am still so curious about what a person could find in a puddle that would be one of their fondest memories? Do you have any ideas or suggestions? I’m stumped on this one… perhaps Vaidotas Mišeikis’ photo offers an idea… could the favored memory it be a reflection?


Lovelorn Poet in Butte, MT: Fisher Woman

Fisher Woman
Missed Connections Butte

Missed Connections in Butte, MT

Fisher Woman

Last week you asked to look at my map when fishing at Tendoy Lake in the Pioneer Mountains.
I perhaps missed making something great so here is my request.
You are a very attractive woman and were all setup with fishing gear.
Blonde with braids and blue eyes.
You have recently moved to Dillon and only lived there since about May.
The reason for this approach is that I’m not sure if your companion was a brother or friend; he was a pretty cool guy and maybe just as likely your boyfriend (but I don’t really know).
Anyway if you are free, I would really like to find out about you so please drop me note.


Today we’re featuring three missed connections from Butte, Montana. I haven’t seen too many messages referencing fishing in my history of collecting (not an activity that happens too frequently in places like Brooklyn, Boston, or Chicago, right?) and this one about a woman in full fishing gear certainly caught my attention. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and when in Butte… get ready to go fish!


Missed Conncections in Butte, MT: Silver Dollar

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Musical Missed Connections

Silver Dollar
Missed Connections Butte

Inspired by Willa Cather we talked.
I really liked the cut of your jib and the way you danced.
Email me back with the saint on your neck.


Do you know anything about Butte, Montana? To be honest, I’m not even sure why I started following the Butte MC – for the longest time there wasn’t even anything posted there! (Maybe that was why – one less feed to read. 😉 ) Recently, it’s seen a little burst of activity so the time is ripe for featuring their missed connections before it dwindles back into relative obscurity.