Lovelorn Poet in Charleston, WV: SparkleSparkle

Missed Connections in Charleston



I left the village for a journey,
to scout the land for others,
to find all the riches in which man has lost his sense of value,
the value we still know.
I am ready to return,
I have a bounty,
wealth not measured in gold.
I have loved you every day.
My compass points in your direction.
Will you still be mine when I return?


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Some missed connections include a photo or image (you can leave the “What of?” to your imagination). This particular poem was posted with the shown line drawing illustration of an old water wheel and mill. I wonder if this image is reminiscent of the village our poet is looking to return to. I wonder if the person they are writing for is still there to receive the words…

Lovelorn Poet in Charleston, SC: Sabine to Her Griffin

Missed Connections in Charleston, SC

Sabine to Her Griffin

Sabine to Her Griffin
Missed Connections in Charleston

I am tired, Beloved,
of chafing my heart against
the want of you;
of squeezing it into little inkdrops


Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconNick Bantock’s “Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence” created quite the stir when it was first published in 1991. With its lush graphics and removable letters and postcards, the story of a mysterious romance between two people half a world away unfolded with each intriguing page. Readers wondered if Sabine was a figment of Griffin’s imagination (or vice versa). Is our Charleston poet chasing an illusion? Perhaps the answer can be found in the inkdrops… 


Missed Connections in Charleston, SC: Signs

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Musical Missed Connections

Missed Connections in Charleston

We have been friends for a while now and universe seems to be against me actually dating anyone right now.
I have been on a few dates and many guys have come and gone in the time we have been friends.
I guess I should take it as a sign but not sure as a sign for what.
I know you will never see this but I just have to put it out there…. For myself.
There is just something that I shouldn’t take for granted.
You contact me immediately after something bad happens and you don’t even know something bad has happened.
And I never tell you something has happened either.
It is just a bunch of ironic coincidental things that make me think there is something at work here.
We are a lot alike in many ways.
But duh, we are friends.
I guess I am just thinking that if I get it out and into actual words, that it will stop bugging me so much.
I don’t know if we are just meant to be friends, a hookup, or actually date but it just bugs me the way everything always ends up with you still there, right when I think you aren’t really there anymore.
It will be days since we last talked but when I start to give up on something, you are right on time with a response that makes me feel better and lets me know you are still there.
Thank you for still being there.
Goodnight my friend, I will talk to you soon.

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Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconCharleston, South Carolina is our missed connection spotlight today. Despite it being the second largest city in the state, it’s a quiet feed that mainly offers uninspiring, run-of-the-mill NSA/locker-room pick-up messages. Oh, before I forget… Charleston’s nickname is “The Holy City” due to the number of churches it has. You can chew on that bit of irony while enjoying some Monday morning Bob Marley. To our lovelorn poet who’s uncertain about the relationship potential of a friend, following the Jamaican adage to “keep it in your head” might be the wisest course of action.

Lovelorn Poet in Charleson, SC: Lazy Retreat

Lazy Retreat
Missed Connections in Charleston

Missed Connections in Charleston

Lazy Retreat

Words of wisdom for myself
I haven’t to impart
To ease the pain of knowing
We were doomed right from the start

Understanding is elusive
Desire to do so, comes and goes
I shy from my emotions
The most formidable of foes

I ask myself why
a thousand times throughout the day
I dare not ask the same of you
For fear of what you’d say

I’m far from being new at this
A seasoned sailor at the helm
So why on Earth, I wonder
Am I so overwhelmed

I know I can forget you
You’ll never see me cry
I just can’t find it in me
To even want to try
And if find myself at bat again
You’d better watch your eye

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Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents icon“…And if I find myself at bat again You’d better watch your eye.” What an awesome ending to our melancholy missed connections poem of the day! I’m not a big fan of rhyming poems, but I can understand why people use it, and in this case our poet does a nice job of conveying the sentiment within the form. Closing off with a little piss and vinegar seems wholly appropriate in this case.

Missed Connections in Charleston, SC: You Went to Ohio

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Musical Missed Connections

You Went to Ohio
Missed Connections in Charleston, SC

I can still feel him;
His breath on my cheek,
His lips kissing my ear.
I miss the feel of his arms around me,
The even breathing of his chest.
I can still see the little smile,
that appeared just after he kissed me.
He always told me he never knew where it came from.
I miss his laughing blue eyes;
So deep and warm, with honesty.
I guess I just miss the feel of him.

One Year Ago: Fish Tank Blues (San Francisco)


Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconI’ve long loved this song by The Low Anthem (the entire CD is great, well worth the purchase) so when I spotted this missed connections message about someone leaving for Ohio, I knew I had a great reason to feature it. If you listen to the lyrics I think it provides a nice counterpoint.