Lovelorn Poet in Chicago, IL: Wish I Was In Love

Missed Connections in Chicago

Wish I Was In Love

lukeI got this bottle of wine
And plenty of time
Went out drivin’ in my car
Decided to duck into a neighborhood bar

And I saw you out late
With your new date
Man, what a waste
But I guess that’s what it takes
to get over the break

And I wish I was in Love
Man, I wish I was in Love
Man, I wish I was in Love

And this bottle of wine just won’t do
yeah, this bottle of wine just won’t do
and this bottle of wine just won’t do anymore


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I don’t find too many poems or creative writing pieces on the Chicago feed, so not only was I happy to discover this bit of poetry but was doubly excited to discover they weren’t lyrics to a song. The image of the sad dog with a martini glass was posted along with the message and I have to wonder if “Luke” is the creator of both? I can almost hear Frank Sinatra’s “One For My Baby (and One More For the Road)” playing in the background…

Lovelorn Poet in Chicago, IL: Past Lives And Giant Shoes

Missed Connections in Chicago

Past Lives And Giant Shoes


Past Lives and Giant Shoes

i had a dream where you found me in a dark mossy forest and gave me worn photographs of yourself in past lives,
always as a child.
you said you’d found something out:
that we looked the same every time.
in one you were eight years old,
dressed like a child from the 19th century,
standing next to a giant shoe in a field–
some kind of landmark you and your mother had driven across the country to see,
alone, in a topless car.
you were gone after that and i thought maybe you’d gone back to be that boy again.
i wondered how i could do that, too. be someone else.
i found a small basin in the earth between two trees where there was a pile of tiny dirt-caked keys
that could only have been to fit the locks of diaries.
i had the keys but not the locks.
it hurt.
i spread a layer of dirt over them and patted it gently like a burial mound.


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

Dreams take us to places we want to be, we want to avoid, we need to explore, we need to consider. Fantastical, frightening, other-worldly, heartbreaking, the images that come to us in slumber are beyond what we could ever imagine in our waking hours. Close your eyes and go deep into the world of our mind and soul – you never know exactly what you’ll find, but it’s guaranteed to be interesting.

Lovelorn Poet in Chicago, IL: Red Pants And Warhol Bag Haiku

Red Pants And Warhol Bag Haiku
Missed Connections in Chicago

red pants haiku

red pants haiku

Hello, beautiful.
Your sweet smile lit up my day.
This is haiku now.

I would love to see some of your art sometime.
Let’s meet for coffee/tea?


Missed Connections are filled with good, bad, and ugly haiku. Did you write one? Did you find one? It doesn’t matter what color your pants (or trousers) are, just email the link to Lovelorn Poets and those perfectly counted syllables can be preserved for all eternity. Don’t be shy! Juicy-like-a-tomato new haiku bits are always wanted.

Lovelorn Poet in Chicago, IL: Winter

vernal equinox

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Lovelorn Poet in Chicago, IL: Thank You

You are Loved #2 by Sandi Fitzgerald

Thank you Missed Connections in Chicago To the person who wrote “You are loved” on a dollar bill, thank you. I was having a bad day, felt as if the world was going to crash around me. I bought some coffee and while sitting there counting what little money I had, I came across your […]

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