Lovelorn Poet in Washington, DC: G2 Haiku

Missed Connections in Washington, DC




a haiku for my MC:

Blue eyes on the bus
Thank you for complimenting
My funky loafers


Missed Connections are filled with good, bad, and public transportation romance haiku! Did you write one? Did you find one? Get those shoes on and email the link to Lovelorn Poets. We’ll preserve those funkified syllables for all eternity.

Lovelorn Poet in Washington, DC: Narcissus

Missed Connections in Washington D.C.


Narcissus by ceasol

Narcissus by ceasol

First bloom, out of the way,
nearly out of sight,
nearly missed.
Scent to die for.
Why did it take me back
to you,
all those years ago.


Missed Connections are filled with good, bad, and creatively metered poetry! Did you write one? Did you find one? Stop to smell the narcissus, and then email the link to Lovelorn Poets. We’ll preserve those nicely-scented syllables for all eternity.

Lovelorn Poet in Washington, DC: The Music Is Beautiful

The Music Is Beautiful
Missed Connections in Washington, DC

Listen… feel… drink in the sound of the rhythm, the pulsing of the beat matched to the pumping of your heart, the rising tempo coursing through your arteries as each note flows through the pathway of your ears and swirls down into you pouring into you in a crashing crescendo of meaning. Ride the melody, be transported into the music, feel the fresh raw pleasure of new lovers embracing between the notes, taste the moment sharply on your lip as the beauty of existence flows across your consciousness and in this brief pause a portal is opened between your mind and the whole of existence – the meaning of self and of time cease to exist, in a rush all the pleasures and pain of humanity dance across your perception, the raw ache of loss, the soaring pleasure of white hot lust, and all the shades of gray between blend in a rush and the connection between yourself and the previous generation and the previous and the previous opens and the illusion of separation between yourself and your fellow mankind disappears and existence flows through you unbidden – the stardust bits and pieces flowing through your cells flowing through myself as well, through us all in a steady stream of recycled building blocks backwards and forwards through the illusion of time. The current moment ceases to exist in this engulfing perception of what it means to exist, to pass briefly across this stage. Softly you breath in the air from thousands of years ago and peer upward at the stars from Plato’s skyline and feel the rhythm of the music in sync with your heart and in tune with life itself… And as the slowing notes taper softly into an ending and your hands come back into focus the portal starts closing, the proximity of lost loved ones fading again into a crystalline memory, and you feel the gentle bump as the time machine touches down and you are transported back to the present. This is music, my lover and friend, my fairy ship into the universe.


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This might possibly be my new favorite song. :-) Have you grabbed the stardust and jumped on the fairy ship of the universe? What are you waiting for? It’s so much easier than we make it out to be. Oh happy day indeed!

Lovelorn Poet in Washington, DC: I Miss My City

waterplace providence

  I Miss My City Missed Connections from DC It’s the walking mostly. Wide expansive sidewalks frame blocks built for pedestrianism. Many stay alive with people into the early morning. DC is a city for walking, and the short statured buildings let the sun shine on your neck while you do it. I miss the […]

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Missed Connections in Washington, DC: Life In Uncharted Territory

Lovelorn Poets and Ben Lee

Life Is Uncharted Territory Missed Connections in Washington, DC Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time. (trying my best not to confuse) I can’t help but love you. I lived a very transitory existence these past months, and you were always on my mind. I never let go. That […]

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