Lovelorn Poet in St. Augustine, FL: Chew On This…

Spring Ahead

Spring Ahead by Dean Gugler

Missed Connections in St. Augustine

Chew On This…

Someday is not a day of the week.
The only day you have is Today.
And, if you are lucky, maybe you get a Tomorrow.

So, what’s next???





Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

When I find one of these little inspirational messages on a missed connections forum it makes me wonder what the other regular readers think. Do they get annoyed because it’s not a “real” missed connection? Do they appreciate the helpful sentiment behind the communication? Does it make them stop and think about their own thoughts and behaviors? For me, I might not know “what’s next” but I’m certainly looking forward to it. For good or bad we’re the creators of our day and every day that follows.

Lovelorn Poet in Key West, FL: Broken (Keys)

Missed Connections Florida Keys

Broken (Keys)


Broken (Keys)

Some ancient, antique thing.
To high polished well tended shell.
Well worn walls & hidden dings.
No way was I going to let you in.

Nor have I been claimed.
I was beyond a threshold.
Groped & blamed.
It’s you I adore. I’m flooded, I’m floored.

Broke my ability to deny.
Could stare down my smallest whimper.
A thief & a lie,
No fiercer target for my panther temper.

It took water to wear away the rock.
It took patience to teach the baby to walk.
It took guidance to teach the village to sing.
It took you to teach me to begin again.



Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

I recently undertook the task of paring down my keyring. There were keys to offices I hadn’t worked in for years, keys to homes I hadn’t lived in for years, keys to mailboxes and gym lockers and mysterious containers I couldn’t even begin to locate. These are all places that will never again be opened by me, but certainly by someone else, with a heavier ring of keys than the one I have now.

Lovelorn Poet in Saint Augustine, FL: Strands of Blue

Strands of Blue|
Missed Connections in St. Augustine

where are you

Strands of Blue

Strands of blue
A moody hue

Color applied by hand
Once by your man

Thank you for that chance
That crazy love dance


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

This short little rhyming poem from St. Augustine is bittersweet and beautiful in such a simple way. I do believe that people, places, and times have colors associated with them in our memories but one person’s “moody” blue may mean something completely different to another. Isn’t it funny how one defined set of hexadecimal co-ordinates can have so many individual interpretations…

Lovelorn Poet in St. Augustine, FL: Fools And A Folly

the fool

Fools And A Folly Missed Connections in St. Augustine I almost don’t mind playing the fool. Like any comedian, I “throw myself under the bus” all the time, if it’ll get a laugh or make a story more interesting. But BEING fooled is no fun. Even when I’m sure it’s you, I’m not really sure […]

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Lovelorn Poet in St. Augustine, FL: 5 Minutes Earlier

5 Minutes Earlier Missed Connections from St. Augustine Five minutes earlier and you would have seen me riding (yes, riding) the shopping cart like a kid does – coasting along in the misty rain. Way too old for it, I know, but it was fun. I found a picture of us today. New Year’s Eve […]

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