Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: I Remember I Love You… But Not Much Else

Muse, Muse... Won't You Dance? by Ben Ledbetter

Muse, Muse… Won’t You Dance? by Ben Ledbetter

It really is a unique city
New Orleans

Where beautiful architecture comes to die
We are thousands of people displaced some returned some never came back
Of course some. . .

I fear like these buildings I am losing my history
My memory is shanty and crumbly these days

I remember major events in my life you of course were the biggest
But even that there is a faded memory

I remember I loved you like really loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else
But I wouldn’t know your face from anyone else in a small crowd

I guess that’s for the better for everyone involved
I just hope someday I develop new memories here that stick a little longer.

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I am a unique city losing my history
I fear my memory is a faded memory
I remember these days, these buildings,
I remember beautiful architecture, shanty and crumbly
I loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else
I develop, but even there you die displaced
I wouldn’t know your face, thousands of people in a crowd
I guess that’s for the better
I just hope it really is returned
to New Orleans

Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: Armadillos Are Fun To Chase!!!


Armadillos Are Fun To Chase!!!

like miniature armored deaf blind kangaroos, they have absolutely no idea you are sneaking up on them until you are within arms reach, then…. they pop their pointy heads up from the hole hey were digging, nearly crap their shells when they see you.. and start hopping away, but they are slow, and cant hop straight, like a drunken rabbit, they try to get away, but … they are so pathetic, i just want to hold them and love them forever!!!

I absolutely love trampolines! Like seriously love them, i mean how much fun is it to pretend you are on the moon in your own back yard? The possibilities are endless… I want to go on an adventure where you and I scout out all the trampolines in the neighborhood, and make it a point to jump on all of them, fences, private property dogs, nothing can stop us.

Some people are not fans, but I love candy corn! I want those people to give their unwanted candy corn to me. i will love you forever.

I love docks, i love to sit on them, jump off of them, ride bikes off of them, throw people off them, climb up them because the icky slimy lake grass is wrapping itsself around my legs trying to drown me, i love them at night, when no one else is around, i love making out on them, rawr! they are the best places to star gaze, not like Sylvester Stallone star gaze, but pluto star gaze you know silly….

I love morning breath kisses. Let me make out with you when you look, smell, and feel your absolute worst, and then when you look your best… welll…

I love catching snakes, dont know what it is about them that is so fascinating, but everytime i see one, i drop everything else im doing and try to catch it. and I do mostly, I used to want to work at gatorland, but I went recently, and they seem to be overstaffed already, le sigh.

I love when my sig other calls me unusual pet names, like “penguin butt” “monkey face” “puke breath” and my personal favorite “swamp ass” I love them because they are personal, and non traditional, and … oh… be still my heart….

I love finding money on the sidewalk, or quarters on the road under the toll booth, i mean really, its money, and i found it, without any effort, i wish every job ive ever had was this easy…

I love naked afternoon naps in freshly laundered sheets with unusually high thread counts.

I love playgrounds, but now that im older, i generally have to play on them at night after stink eyed parents take their kids home for the evening.

I love summer camp, working at one, going to them as a kid, there is no place more magical than summer camp.

I love when my sig other nuzzles her face in my neck, when she lays down next to me, when she is scared at the movie theater, when she just wants to show her affection for me, its one fo the most beautiful feelings on the planet.

I fucking love whack-a-mole! talk about a stress release! Course here in florida we had whack-a-gator, but same thing.

I love mailing letters to people with fake stamps on them testing fate to see if the letters will get there, or if the post office will haunt me forever

I love driving with the windows down, my arm out the car, pretending its an airplane, music blasting, me doing my best to sing along with the songs i dont know all the words to, giving concerts for free at every red light.

I love making favorite mix cds, and forgetting what I put on them, so when i put them in my cd player, i am surprised everytime

I love peach pancakes at cracker barrel…. even if i can never finish the entire plate

I’ve shared some things I love in life, what do you love?


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I just want to hold them and love them forever
I absolutely love trampolines
I love candy corn
I will love you
I love docks
I love to sit on them
I love them at night
I love making out
I love morning breath kisses
I love catching snakes
I love when my sig other calls
I love them
I love finding money
I love naked afternoon naps
I love playgrounds
I love summer camp
I love when my sig other nuzzles
I fucking love whack-a-mole
I love mailing letters
I love driving
I love making
I love peach pancakes

I love
in life

what do you love?

Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: Dear Film Industry

Dear Film Industry

Dear Film Industry

Dear Film Industry….

I will miss you. I ran out of money to bribe you to stay, but the truth is, you have been itching to leave me long before I told you I was broke. You have used and abused me for several decades now, and I guess I am just too washed up for you these days.

I know you will have plenty of fresh young eager blood in your next state of choice to take advantage of, and I know they will graciously accept you with open arms just as I did in the 00’s.

You are leaving behind a beautiful partnership of nearly free labor from the hungry to the desperate alike, but I understand your need to make your movies and t.v. shows with not only cheap labor, (many times free labor) but your gold digging lusty desires for incentives have to be fed to keep you in good health. I completely understand.

However, don’t expect me to come chasing after you like so many of my friends are doing. This whole process of following the theological buffalo herds is just as ludicrous as your insatiable pallet. I intend to stay where I am comfortable, move if I feel like it, and live out the rest of my life working full time, making my own movies with my own investments paying my crew wages they can pay bills with.

I was disillusioned with you before, I am parting ways, bidding you adieu, wishing the dreamers luck, and seeing where the next few years of my life take me.


Her Two Cents




I will miss you
I ran out of money
I told you I was broke
I guess

I am just too washed up for you these days
I know you will have plenty of fresh young eager blood
I know they will graciously accept you with open arms just as
I did in the 00’s

I understand
I completely understand
I intend to stay

I feel like
I was disillusioned with
you before

I am
Sincerely Louisiana

Lovelorn Poet in New Orleans, LA: Keywords

Magnetic Fridge Poetry by Steve A Johnson

Magnetic Fridge Poetry by Steve A Johnson

the funny thing about the “o” ‘s (though it’s a formality)
control in all of its formats
former northern explorers
ugly garments
drive thrus
numerous holes in the head
black dogs
Northern pacific
the hippies
planting portably
my favorite place to retreat
global politics
kamakaze fish
Twix v. Reeces v. Whatthefà ‚ £{=à ‚ ¡!ever that was
things that float
the “Robin” issue
determining distance
street signs

if you thought I loved you then,
I wouldn’t even know what to call it now.

Her Two Cents

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconKeywords are used to reveal the structure and focus of a writer’s reasoning – a shortcut of sorts that provides a reader with a glimpse or “sneak preview” of what can be found within the body of work. Quite a story, many stories actually, could be generated from our poet’s list. If we write the keywords before we write the story, how might the outcome be different? Hmmm …

Lovelorn Poet in Baton Rouge, LA: Poem 8

Looks like rain by Butterbean Man

Looks like rain by Butterbean Man

Right there in the rain
One day, yes that one
a single sentence dripped from her full red lips…
let’s begin again our love, soulmate
Eyes stuck in a trance for my own liberation
Unable to refocus my view
I repaired my insides in the aftermath that was two
life force liberated my cup ran over and over nothing was out of reach with you
Your Humpty Dumpty pulled all apart and then reassembled just for your affections
I was weighed, measured and found lacking it’s true
Soul suffering long winters bone twice
Hard frozen heart, lifeless and blue
I walked to our place in the rain,
That place in which I thought you already knew
Watching rains droplets become one with their fate
Felt those old feelings I’d learned to hate
Birds flying by singing our songs
Moons light blackest of blue
Stars tear from the sky jilted lovers of her moon
Looking across the water swearing I saw you
I’d say ask Alice, for she was there too, stirring her eggs in the brood
I’ve tried replication my purchases false
their substitutes have no revelations,
their prophets are all lost.
She who knows my truths in the faces of liars, has the scarlet letter in hand
I bow knee to her alone my head at her throne
Her golden syllabus runneth over
letters dropping like flies in the soup of her careful words
Ears pressed against the universe listening for my vibrations in these stanzas
whose heart filled dark with concerns
My quills ink flows to paper and my heart learns to beat the familiar tune
my eyes now fixated in the mind of truth
I will not rest until I hear from you and your intoxicating brew
You know my desires inside and out, betwixt and between
all the weathered cracks and seams
if your love with fated pair be true
why is it I keep running into you
no kindness left undone
whose loveless life you wanted
seems ill fitted for you
I am madly totally completely and still, enamored with the thought of you.

Her Two Cents

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconThis is the last in the series of rather tragic love poems posted to the Baton Rouge missed connections earlier this year. I did save, and read, all of the pieces that were shared and chose to publish those I thought spoke a universal language. Love, desire, heartbreak, and pain know no prejudice and offer equal opportunity in bestowing their emotional riches and traumas.