Lovelorn Poet in Ann Arbor, MI: Missing Ingredient (Me)

Missed Connections in Ann Arbor

Missing Ingredient (Me)

Serving up Love

Equal Parts. . …

Freedom and Opportunity
Hugs and Kisses
Hopes and Dreams
Talks and Walks
A Dash of Twist and Turns
A pinch of intuition

Start with Freedom and Opportunity; add two people and mix until well blended.

Add Hopes, Dreams, Walks, and Talks. Use a pinch of intuition

-when you are comfortable-

add Hugs and Kisses. At first, batter might be thin, but the more time you nurture the dough, the easier it is to work with.

Add a dash of Twist and Turns; Serve warm.


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

When I went searching for “songs about cooking”, Eileen Barton’s classic, “If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Have Baked a Cake.” topped the list. However, this amusing 1969 Sesame Street skit, featuring Ernie and Cookie Monster (who ate cookies, not vegetables, at the time) shows that sometimes, even when you have all the necessary ingredients, there can be a disconnect between what one wants and what another is able to provide.  Maybe Ernie should have offered broccoli…

Lovelorn Poet in Ann Arbor, MI: Excuse To My Heart

Excuse To My Heart
Missed Connections from Ann Arbor

I'm ok

Excuse to My Heart

A poem created in the shower
Forgotten before I grabbed a towel
One composed at 2am
Typed out but lost
When I hit send
Something which I cannot see
Blocks words you weren’t
Supposed to read
Fate requesting me to wait
Though standing still.


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

How many stories, scripts, poems, novels, and ideas for world domination and financial abundance have you developed in your mind while showering, driving, working in the garden… imagine what might happen if you managed to write down notes on even a few of these thoughts and then took the time to develop one? You wouldn’t be standing still any longer.


Lovelorn Poet in Ann Arbor, MI: By Not Looking, I Almost Missed You

bread & oil

Bread 7 Oil by Susan Murtaugh

By Not Looking, I Almost Missed You
Missed Connections from Ann Arbor

I told you that I wasn’t looking for you.
I said that I was single and not looking to change that.
Then I said something about homemade bread, or maybe pie.
Whatever it was, I’m glad you didn’t listen.
I’m glad we’ve had our ocean of stars, our thousand miles, our infinite darkness.
I’m glad I didn’t know you were there until you saw me.
I’m glad I had no expectations,
because having them drowned in your generosity would have been even more overwhelming.

Do you remember what I said I wanted on Thanksgiving?
To spend the day with warm light, a fragrant kitchen, music in the background, the freedom to wake up or sleep in or read to you or whatever.
I had everything I wanted and craved only the “with”.
Thank you, Gentle Reader, for,
every morning,
making my dreams come true.

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

In the frenetic pace of our everyday lives there are so many things we fail to see or experience – and we don’t even know what we’re missing. As we’re moving into Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Holiday Shopping mania, maybe we should all try to step back or slow down for a moment. Find something simple to enjoy (like good, fresh bread?) and luxuriate in a moment of relaxation. Who knows where it may take you?

Lovelorn Poet in Ann Arbor, MI: All You Said Was, “It’s Tragic”

Analyze love by xkcd

All You Said Was, “It’s Tragic” Missed Connections from Ann Arbor Thanks. I knew that already. I’m not trying to make a point. Image courtesy of xkcd.   Her Two Cents This message, complete with the xkcd comic embedded in it, has been sitting in my inbox since 12/20/2010. Somehow, somewhy, every time I saw […]

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Missed Connections in Ann Arbor, MI: This Is For The One Who…

hope flowers

  This Is For The One Who… Missed Connections from Ann Arbor ((((A Parable)))) …ah yes, alone walking, drifting. Always. Listen. …someone? I find a flower. And almost uproot her! Possess, own cherish, betray. Pictures. Parties. Meet the friends, and family! Until sullen, dry Forgotten in a dusty scrapbook. But didn’t. Couldn’t, and let her […]

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