Lovelorn Poet in Monterey, CA: Every Night Turns Out To Be…

Every Night Turns Out To Be A Little More Like Bukowski
Missed Connections in Monterey

Went to bed and didn’t see
why every day turns out to be
a little bit more like Bukowski.
And yeah, I know he’s a pretty good read.
But God who’d wanna be?


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

Modern society and western culture awards a special kind of favoritism on tortured creative genuineness: Vincent van Gogh, Charles Bukowski, and Kurt Cobain immediately spring to mind. True, their work is fascinating and richly presented, but there’s a big difference between appreciating, or even coveting the work and the desire to become like them. As our Monterey poet so aptly says, “who’d wanna be?”

Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA: Fish Bowl

Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA

Fish Tale by capn madd matt


Fish Bowl
Missed Connections in Monterey Bay

Last night I was walking across the street carrying a fishbowl toward my car and you said hi.
I totally froze and couldn’t bring myself to say anything; you were very beautiful.
I was going to offer you a ride up the hill since you were in heels but your car was right there, and I lost my chance!
Hopefully you see this…

Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconMonterey Bay is our missed connections location for our spotlight today. While the feed is a quiet one, I was attracted to this message for the visual imagery of the scene:  Person walks down street with fishbowl (goldfish inside, sloshing around) not paying much attention until the “beautiful” one passes by and says hi. The world comes crashing to a halt, poet stammers incoherently, and goldfish sighs in exasperation (releasing a few extra air bubbles) at the human tendency of swimming upstream to mate. “Eat salmon, don’t act like one!”

Lovelorn Poet in Monterey Bay, CA: Muses

Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA


Missed Connections in Monterey Bay

No single beauty is the best,
Since she is all one flower divine…..
O mystic metamorphosis!
My senses into one sense flow-
Her voice makes perfume which she speaks,
Her breath is music faint and low!

And so, one night, I’d like to sneak,
When darkness tolls the hour of pleasure,
A craven thief, toward the treasure
Which is your person, plump and sleek…
And, most vertiginous delight!
Into those lips, so freshly striking
And daily lovelier to my liking-
Infuse the venom of my spite.

A shame we merely crossed path for a moment, for if we were in a place where we could actually talk I would enjoy further hearing the music of your voice.
A lovely woman who would make the goddess of love jealous.

Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconWhile I generally avoid missed connections that use an uncredited poem (or song lyrics), I decided to make an exception in this case as Charles Baudelaire has been dead for a century and a half. In our poem of the day, our Monterey Bay poet actually did a mash-up of two pieces which work pretty well together.  Let’s hope the intended recipient of this message doesn’t dig further and read the unabridged versions – they’ll find something somewhat different in tone!

Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA: North Main Biker

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Musical Missed Connections

North Main Biker
Missed Connections in Monterey Bay

I see you pedaling up and down N. Main St. all the time.
Wherever you are going, you always seem to be in a rush.
Slow is not an option.
I like it when you jump the curbs =D

Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconToday we’re featuring three missed connections messages from Monterey Bay. I’ve never been to that area of California but it seemed quite nice in that Clint Eastwood film, Play Misty for Me. I’m sure it hasn’t change much since 1971, right? (snicker-snort-smirk) While the Monterey Bay feed might be a little slow-pokey, it’s clear that our poet, and the subject of their post, are thinking anything but. True, sometimes slow isn’t an option. Just be sure you have your helmet. 😉

Holiday Edition, Best of Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA: Your Happiness

Through the end of the year I’ll be digging into the Lovelorn Poets missed connections archive and publishing some of the gems you may not have caught the first time around – enjoy!

Missed Connections in Monterey Bay, CA

I am sitting on Top of Tree by Balaji

Your Happiness
Missed Connections in Monterey Bay

originally published on August 19

I can not promise you happiness always,
I can’t turn your grey skies to blue,
I can not take away all your worries and fears
or make your dreams come true.
But what I can do is all that I know to do:
to love you and let you know it every day,
and that I’ll always be here for you.


This is the very first missed connections message I’ve featured from Monterey Bay. Sometimes it’s nice to end the week with a positive, hopeful piece of writing. I love this image from Balaji – while it may not always be possible to turn a grey sky to blue, we might find small bright spots here and there. Hopefully your weekend will have some of them too!


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