Lovelorn Poet in Oklahoma City, OK: The Story Continues…

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So, is this the second part of yesterday’s Oklahoma City poem, “All That’s Left”? Sounds similar in tone and subject, but as we all know, individuals are far from unique in their experiences with love-gained and love-lost. While yesterday was a hardly getting over it lament, today acknowledges the dull ache of loss and the realization that the only decision worth making is the decision to move on. I’m wondering what happens next…

Missed Connections in Oklahoma City

The Story Continues…


The Story Continues

Held captive at a long red light
Light sleet smears my view
Hit the wipers to clear my sight
And then…I saw you
Holding her close and skipping
She was soaking in your charms
Damn that echo feeling of
Safe In your loving arms
I saw you kiss her forehead
Just like you had kissed mine
A thousand times I felt those lips
That belonged to me one time
Your cloud nine smile said everything
Her hair was gold and long
I reached to change the radio
Fucking sad old country song
My breath was gone my vision blurred
The rain had stopped, old feelings stirred
You never loved me like that
I wanted you to but thru tears I knew
You never loved me like that
Those days are gone, and in a way I’m glad
No wish I hads…no empty sad
Just seeing you again with her
And me out here, without
No freedom from the memories
but freedom… from the doubt
No you never loved me like that
You never loved me like that. . …

Ending it was for the best
My friends and family said
Me doing all the work on us
You lived rent free in my head
I tried to ignore the asymmetry
Of our wants, our needs our chemistry
The nights grew brief, the kisses colder
How did I live and breathe like that
Feeling distant, feeling older. . .
Held the past like time in a jar
Just coping, without you
I throw in the towel
you’re her problem now
I give the Devil his due…

Now the weight’s been lifted
Time’s been gifted and
Life taps, inviting me to spar
She is what I wouldn’t be
There is no ‘us’ in this car
Makes you happy that’s plain to see…
I give her thanks…graciously
She’ll find out soon enough
what I now know
by heart
She gave her life so that I could be free
I got the brand new start….

Gotta know gotta grow
Turbo’s rockin with me
says get on with life, tcb
Its sunny bright and big
out there guess I will be headin
my heart says feels like home
Gotta clean that house
make it mine again
Prepare a life to roam

You never loved me like that
I wanted you to but thru tears I knew
You never loved me like that
Those days are gone, and in a way I’m glad
No wish I hads, no empty sad
Just seeing you again with her
And me out here, without
Its freedom from the memories
Freedom from the doubt
No you never loved me like that
You never loved me like that. . …

Lovelorn Poet in Oklahoma City, OK: All That’s Left

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

It’s been a long time since anything creatively interesting has been posted on the Oklahoma City feed, but All That’s Left seems to be the first part (maybe) of a two part poem series. This one is an easy read, sad and strong like a Top 40 country song and not leaving much to the imagination. But that’s ok, some days you just want the words to go down nice and easy – like a glass of water when thirst first appears.

Missed Connections in Oklahoma City

All That’s Left


All That’s Left

….drank a glass of water
smoked a cigarette
got things on my mind that feel like regret
been thinking bout how I let you in
gave you the key and said let’s begin
this hot hot thing that just got
the kisses the bites the stolen hours
the end of the day came far too slow
you would be here tonight if I didn’t know
that playing a game of how much how far
your means to an end, would leave a scar
I’ve got enough of those to know
when you didn’t write, didn’t show
that you got what you wanted
moved along
pulled the rug out from under me
quick and strong
to the next to the last I’ll never know
It was fun while it was but when does it end
your answer to that was just call me friend
tried to walk it off tried to shake you off
the memories won’t change
but people do and when they do
they just seem so strange
the arms then legs that coiled slow
the tongue the whispers of let me know
the longing the touching the final blow
the want was there I wasn’t alone
it’s need that remains in minor tone
to question your motives is useless
to me
to know each one won’t set me free
can’t drink it away can’t hide from the
this is business as usual for you
shared life stories between lips
that seared
my flesh remembers the prick of your beard
our eyes screamed more and more and more
my body my mind your private whore
I tapped out, enough
and you agreed
not in words but in the speed
of how you disappeared from view
just like you came
came out of the blue
I know today that I will
be fine
keep my hands to myself
stay off of the wine
don’t look at the phone like
it stole my money
and avoid like the plague
my gone. . . sweet. . . honey
How you are is a question
I can’t afford to ask
I’ve paid to much for that
answer in thoughts of the past
It helps to write these words
(I tell myself don’t send)
to mend the whole in my heart
that comes with the end
of something I held up to the future
to shine
In a light made by us in my own mind
Goodbye is the word I’m
looking for, there it is, I said
now there’s nothing more
gotta breathe, get some water
smoke a cigarette
get this thing off my my mind that
feels like regret …

Lovelorn Poet in Tulsa, OK: Tears My Girl Cries

Missed Connections in Tulsa

My Tears

If it wasn’t for tears
My heart would bleed
If it wasn’t for tears
I’d be broken
A reminder of love
When the floodgates open
My tears are a reminder of you
Flowing easy when I am blue
But I cry my tears
From my green eyes
When I think of you
Loving you is easy
So natural and pure
As pure as my drops of tears
Of this I am so sure

My Girl Cries

And her tears fall like diamonds
Fall like jewels
To be collected, treasured
Shining with truth
Set upon an anklet, where a bell rings
Where the jingle of a bell lives
The sweetest song
From a bittersweet bauble
The sound soothes
His hands, holding her still
Cease the rain of gems
He pours comfort over her
Fills her with a deep joy
And she remembers
And she knows
And he misses her


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

A little while back I found these two poems, posted on the same day, on the Tulsa, Oklahoma missed connections feed. I can’t tell if they’re both written by the same person from different perspectives or if they truly are a poetic communication between two individuals. Either way, both pieces express a romantically wistful quality that immediately reminded me of this Chameleons song from long ago (and it’s so very nice that someone made a video for the acoustic version).

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