Misssed Connections in Outer Banks, NC: Shortfinned Mako

Missed Connections in the Outer Banks, NC

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Shortfinned Mako
Missed Connections from the Outer Banks

You were eating tuna. We communicated briefly about the warm waters and the recent captures by the humans. You were average size, about 9ft. Your coloring was beautiful, a deep purple dorsal fin, almost metallic sliver sides, and the most gorgeous pearly white underside. As I watched you swim away, with great speed I might add, I knew that I should have asked you out. I would love to take you out sometime for a nice Mackerel or Tuna dinner!! I hope that you respond before the humans catch me and turn me into Mako with Pineapply Salsa ;-). Location: Coast of NC 75m deep

RE: Shortfinned Mako
Missed Connections from the Outer Banks

I remember you! You were a large Mako with big beautiful eyes… I would love to go out for a nice seafood dinner sometime! The only problem is that I don’t live off of the coast of NC. I was actually in the area for a family reunion with some of my crazy Great White cousins…. Don’t get me wrong, attacking a human is okay if you feel threatened but to attack just for fun is a little extreme…but you know those Whites aren’t all there lol. Anyway, I live about 100 miles North in a little deeper waters. I don’t mind traveling though, and you probably don’t either ;-). Btw, I’m impressed that you noticed my speed… I actually compete and swim about 40mph! Well let me go, I see some of those damn Dolphins… Email me back, maybe we can set something up!!

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Lovelorn Poets her two cents iconThe missed connections feed from the Outer Banks is pretty stagnant, so this cute little call-and-response posting caught my eye and made me smile. Sharks are rather intelligent so that fact that they have wi-fi and waterproof communication devices at 75m isn’t terribly surprising. They’ve come a long way since Jaws