Lovelorn Poet in Sacramento, CA: Whoa

Missed Connections in Sacramento


Her smile sounds like morning high tide
seagulls wandering in the wind
chirping urchins and singing seashells
a seaside that washes up the beach bum in me
Her lips are the curve in my favorite stretch of shore
irresistible to stroll


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

There’s poetry written about the ocean and then there’s the poetry of the ocean. The steady repetition of waves crashing against the shore quiets the mind, awakens the senses, and opens the heart unlike any other force of nature. What’s not to love about a poem (or a video for that matter) celebrating all of those wonderful qualities? I feel at peace already…

Lovelorn Poets in Sacramento, CA: Whole Foods Women

Whole Foods Women
Missed Connections in Sacramento

So many pretty women but the problem is,
it’s too expensive.
I went over to a woman shopping for her organic veggies, tried to shove her into my shopping cart but then after looking at the price tag on her head of $500,000 I was like DAMN, she’s way too expensive and I can’t afford her!

So I thought okay, maybe these organic veggie women don’t all cost so much. Went up to the next tapped her on the shoulder, gave her a smirk and pointed for her to get into the shopping cart…then she showed me her price tag of ONE MILLION???!!!??? Damn…had to go.

Alright maybe the women in the snack isle aren’t so pricey. I waited and waited pretending to care about shopping for new snacks and no ladies in that isle. Only men so we got to chit chatting about snacks and they were hoping to find less expensive women on this isle. I just got frustrated and decided to go look at the cheese instead since this whole journey was starting to feel cheesy.

Then she showed up! She wore a shirt that said “Always low prices….Always!” She had this look of discomfort and organic noobness about her so I knew she was going to be the one! I tapped her on the shoulder and motioned for her to get into the basket. She showed me her price tag of $50.00 and I was thrilled! Then…one of those Whole Foods employees came up and gave her a sample of the raw cheese. She ate some and smiled. Then rolling my eyes I motioned once again for her to get into the basket. She grabbed the workers pen and crossed out the $50.00 price tag and jacked up the new price to $300,000.

I give up! I am never shopping at Whole Foods again! It’s back to Walmart for me. If you happen to catch women glued to toilets, their price goes waay down. It’s a steal!


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

As someone who recently ditched the Whole Foods shopping “experience” for a locally run food co-op, I understand our poet’s lament about sky high prices and the attitudes to match. However, I don’t think Wal-Mart presents a better solution; what good is low low China-made prices if you end up stuck to a toilet seat and on the evening news? Better to skip the snack aisle entirely and use the loo in the comfort of your domicile. Whether you’re buying million dollar chips or the .99 cent discount brand, eating them won’t improve your heath any!

Missed Connections in Sacramento, CA: To the Souls

Missed Connections in Sacramento, CA

Close Your Eyes. Open Your Heart. by Eneas De Troya


To the Souls
Missed Connections in Sacramento

When I look at life I see that maybe it isn’t much different than life in The Giver by Lois Lowry
The walking soul-less, the heart-less
These people simply are
They don’t understand color or passion or love
They simply exist.
You’d think it would detach me from society,
But the only thing it makes me want to do is touch every lost soul as I have been touched
I know we can all find each other out here, among the soul-less there are so few of us
Most of the time when you look into a mortals eyes you will witness empty knowledge,
Or the possession of a daemon
It is as ‘The Giver’ said, “They Know Nothing.”
Us lost souls discover why we feel like we live in a ghost world,
There’s a reason why we feel alone.
We are the lovers, dreamers, the curious, the intelligent
We feel love and passion with every part of our beings
We understand that love is about more than a ring, sharing a home, or even sharing a life with someone
We paint the world with our passion,
Our souls helping each other breath and cope with sorrow
There’s something inside of us that burns, that is truly different,
But we aren’t afraid to let it show
We hear the shallow thoughts of those around us and understand that people hate each other,
But they hate themselves more for being just like everyone else.
The soul-less breath, but they do not live
In a spiritual sense, when we speak to them, we are talking to a brick wall
For those who are precious, the diamonds of this world, stand up in the face of frustration and pain and fight back.
Become better, stronger, faster, than any life-less trait
Stand up in the face of the world, stand out
And Never, Ever be Afraid.

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Her Two Cents from the Missed Connections Chief Bottle-Finder:

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If you haven’t read Lois Lowry’s The Giver, you’re missing a chilling, thought-provoking story. Despite being published almost 20 years ago, the utopian sentiments expressed in the book appear strangely reminiscent of our current society – so it’s no surprise its message prompted our Sacramento poet to craft this “missed connection” for the world. In keeping with the theme of the message, the photo collage by Eneas De Troya provides a nice reminder of how to overcome our state of desensitization, “Close your eyes. Open your heart.”


Holiday Edition, Best of Missed Connections in Sacramento, CA: So (Me)

Through the end of the year I’ll be digging into the Lovelorn Poets missed connections archive and publishing some of the gems you may not have caught the first time around – enjoy!


Missed Connections in Sacrament, CA

So (Me)

So (Me)
Missed Connections in Sacramento

originally published on August 22

so, i miss you
you, i miss so
miss you so, i
i miss you sooooooo
what are you waiting for

do the right thing for once
or be sad forever


Today, the Sacramento, CA MC is our featured feed spotlight. I like this little play with words so much that I poked around Wikipedia to see if there was a specific name for this style of word play, but I didn’t find anything. :-(  Will there be sadness forever?  For all involved, I certainly hope not.


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Missed Connections in Sacramento, CA: Your Smile

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Musical Missed Connections

Your Smile……
Missed Connections in Sacramento

…Melts me.
Your laugh makes smile….
I am drawn to you…
and I wonder if you feel the same…
Is there a connection or is it all in my head? Sometimes I think we have one, others times I don’t know.
When I am around you I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of you.. The last couple times I’ve made a real effort to not watch you, like yesterday evening.
I know you are trying to work on things and your still going through a rough time, the last thing I want is to make things harder for you, so I don’t pursue this any further.

I’d be good just hanging out in a platonic way, getting to know you outside of…..
Meeting up at the Farmers Market.. Chatting about food, books, life.

I know you have my #, don’t know if you have it saved in your phone from the time or two we texted. (generic texts of sorts)
But you are always free to use it… I will be waiting on the other end.


I heard this Hall & Oates song on the radio the other day and decided I had to find a missed connection to match it with. With the 1970s now considered “oldies” radio fodder, I’m bombarded by pop music I haven’t heard since riding in the back of Mom’s station wagon (with the rear window down and no seat belts). While this certainly sounds like 1975, its warm, simple slow-dancing like quality makes it feel like something new all over again.