Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: My Love Haiku



My mind is silent.
My heart is all I can feel.
There is only love.
There is only you.



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Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Just Some Words

be here

Day 12: Skin by Lauren Waye

Missed Connections in Seattle

Just Some Words

just some words
Cradled in your words
wrapped in your favorite
color on bare skin
smooth as silk
leave some to the imagination
your desire
making it so easy for you
so acceptable
you’ll ponder the worry laugh in it’s face
marking you with my scented words
starting at the top enunciating the middle
every syllable in my mouth Words in and out
never leaving you wanting more
or less
my tongue travels to the tip of the word
Surrounding it one final time
with strong lips
savoring the delivery of your completed sentence
such a beautiful colorful story


Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

Words can be greater than, less than, or equal to the sum of their characters, their syllables, their inflections, their intentions. Words are powerful. Words fail us. Words get misinterpreted, misconstrued, and mixed up in our minds, in our hearts, and in our mouths. Words can be black and white and they can be shocking colorful. Which type of story will you tell today?

Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: Dear Cupid

Gibson Girl humor card - Has She A Heart?, 1906

Gibson Girl – Has She A Heart?, 1906


Dear Cupid
Missed Connections in Seattle

Dear Cupid,

Before I go any further, I would like to thank you for all your efforts, especially around Valentine’s Day – I understand that you’ve probably slung more than my fair share of arrows for me over the years, which has not gone unnoticed – But we need to talk:

Lately, my friends have started accusing me of having “commitment issues” – Apparently they think that because I stopped dating for a while and haven’t kept a long term relationship since my ex who died – That I am sabotaging them somehow. But you and I both know that is simply horseshit. While personality certainly plays a part in chemistry, when it comes to my physical attraction to another person you know damn well I have pretty much no choice in the matter. Sure one can argue that I may be picky because there seems to be a common theme amongst the guys I have taken interest in over the years, but that’s a farce and certainly not my doing. How do I prove it? Easy. Because I like shit simple – And there is nothing fucking simple about having a preference that even I struggle to explain.

Is it just guys with dark hair? Nope, not that simple. Olive skin? Nope, Chuck Testa. Tall ones? Short ones? Not sure. Blondes – HELL NO – But why? NO F-ING CLUE. Black Dudes – No attraction there either. See where I am going with this?

This shit is inconvenient. In fact it serves no purpose and I would actually prefer if it were different because it would broaden my opportunities. But no.

Life just isn’t that easy is it?

So here’s my proposal. Please shoot me in the ass with one of your love laced arrows already and bring me a good man – Because frankly I am sick of my Parents trying to play match maker, my friends busting balls and I absolutely cannot end up a spinster with 19 cats. ( My doctor says I am allergic and I really don’t want to be on the TV show “Animal Hoarders”).

Oh, And one last thing – No hooking me up with ill tempered felons M’kay? Because you tried that shit earlier this year and I hated having to pretend I don’t know anything about shaving my pubic hair, blow jobs or cooking just to convince him to leave on his own accord. (You owe me for that one).



Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

Whether you’re attempting to articulate the delicate balance of qualities needed for relationship attraction, or something more lusty, like say, pornography, it all boils down to a simple phrase; you know it when you see it. From Justice Potter Stewart, concurring opinion in Jacobellis v. Ohio 378 U.S. 184 (1964), “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within the shorthand description of hard-core pornography; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”

Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: You Are

You Are
Missed Connections in Seattle

a smile to walk a mile 4..
in any kinda weather..
over hills and valleys
any day any way
♫ ♫ ♫
music to my eyes
don’t be afraid
I don’t bite
I wanna live in your world
you know, I know 

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

I generally love finding references to other social media sites on missed connections (as long as they’re not creepy and gross). Luckily, @Seewaymore on Twitter looks like a pretty good one. See more sends out a variety of amusing and inspirational messages – just like the one our Seattle poet included in their message. Another favorite from their feed, “I like being awesome because being awesome is awesome.” :-)

Lovelorn Poet in Seattle, WA: How Desperately We Cry (…With Eyes Squeezed Shut) Haiku



Love has a secret:
Give it away, get more back!
Do not be afraid.



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