Lovelorn Poet in Dallas, TX: My Nails Did Suffice Haiku

Some scattered thoughts folded neatly into a haiku.

SeeMy nails did suffice
So vain, I, for all songs writ
To see you is bliss.

Missed Connections are filled with good, bad, and manicured haiku. Did you write one? Did you find one? Did you respond to one? Let that polish dry and email the link to Lovelorn Poets. We’ll preserve those prettily painted syllables for all eternity.

Lovelorn Poet in Austin, TX: Full Moon In Gemini

Star in the Woods by Stolen w-heels

Star in the Woods by Stolen w-heels

We were written in the stars, a long time ago,
Destined to repeat our should and could have beens
We live it out over and over, hoping one day our
Will will guide us to where we
Were always meant to be
Remember the falling stars

Her Two Cents

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconThe stars up above and the stars on TV fade into a background we can barely see. But a star we can hold; albeit crumpled, worn, and old is enough to guide a way through any kind of day  – so I’ve been told… (maybe it’ll work for you too?)

Lovelorn Poet in Dallas, TX: Keep The Faith

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The days are getting shorter every single moment of every tiny day that seems to last for only a fleeting moment in this life that seems to be floating through space.

I have grown accustomed to this galaxy named after a candy bar, or was it the other way around, the last time I checked I didn’t know when Mars candy company started the production of the chocolate critters they sell at almost every fill up station this side of the Mississippi. For shelling out a palmful of George washing tons you could get a mouthful of delicious chocolate and caramel while staring at the stars as you drive towards a place you can call and still consider home while the gas light begins to come on because you would have rather spent your last remaining dollar bills on a king size nugget of nourishment.

It’s no trouble because you’ve got that extra ten dollars from the twenty you broke for Chinese delivery the other night. The orange chicken is always a good decision even if instead of chopsticks from a samurai mistresses hair tie, you have a 21st century American made oversized fork that your parents gave you as a housewarming present. It certainly doesn’t disappoint in arrangement with the dinner piece set it came with.


Her Two Cents

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconEven in this moment we are hurtling around our orbit barely able to grasp a glimmer of the Milky Way. When we can’t be one with nature’s eye-candy (darn those blasted lights) the chocolate version will suffice (maybe).

Lovelorn Poet in Austin, TX: The Poet Strikes Again

عيوني حزينه و السبب خافقي مضيوم و لا هلت العبرات ماني بـ لايمها

by Sanctuary Photography عيوني حزينه و السبب خافقي مضيوم و لا هلت العبرات ماني بـ لايمها

Missed Connections in Austin

The Poet Strikes Again

The lights were dim, dark, but light was in your eyes,
And I got lost, and I got lost, was lost in the ties,

That bound the night to us till the horizon broke the sky,
As we talked of everything of all of us, and all of us inside,

And I search for the meaning to the reason I lost you,
I remember you said you read these post and thus I write you,

Or maybe I just write, just to write out my heart,
Just to write out this disease of the belief in soul-mates and stars,

And maybe I write as always for no-one,
As always, always, I listen to the world and it’s slow song,

That binds me to the steadiness and the beauty.

Lovelorn Poets Her Two Cents IconHer Two Cents

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and they are often what captures our attention and hearts first. They are what we remember for the longest of times, long after other details become hazy and vague. If we knew that for those special eyes, the ties bind longer and stronger than all others, we might chose to close the lids and never look. Or not.